Poker Calculator Pro

Используйте Poker Calculator Pro, чтобы видеть шанс на победу, силу руки, вероятность банка, ауты и многое другое

Poker Calculator Pro включает в себя Hold'em Profiler для неограниченного хранения истории рук на Poker Pro Labs 'облаке'.

Почему мне необходим Poker Calculator Pro?

  • Poker Calculator Pro runs over 10,000 simulations per second to help you determine the best plays to make in tough spots.
  • Calculate likely hand outcomes automatically and other important information you need to help your play against your opponents including Aggression Factor quotients, VP$IP stats, skill ratings, and much more.
  • Build up data on opponents, store it all via seamless cloud backup integration, and ensure you have an in-depth understanding of opponents' playing styles anywhere you play with the aide of Poker Calculator.
  • Don't be alone when you play - expert assistance and the help you need to help you make the right decisions on the felt is all a click away with Poker Calculator.

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